Saturday, December 31, 2016

Three Year Wellness Visit

We were a month late for our visit but got it done. It's busy keeping up with four kids and all their health and wellness visits for eyes, teeth, and regular check ups.

I'm doing great. Nothing to really report. All my kidney reflux issues are resolved so no more antibiotics. The molluscum rash I've had for 6-12 months is completely resolved. (It can take that long.) Aside from screaming through most of my appointment (that radiology test to show the reflux was resolved totally traumatized me. I even refused my first dental check a few months back with Uncle Doc.) I'm just a normal growing toddler/early pre-schooler.

Weight: 29 lbs (30%)
Height: 36.5 inches (25%)
Blood pressure: 100/58
Pulse: 76

Likes: I have a pretty good diet but like my siblings love pasta. I also enjoy bread and have a definite sweet tooth. I love my critters and sleep with a menagerie of "babies" - Danial cat, Meow Meow Cat, Penguin, Monkey - to name a few. I still take naps - most of the time. Sometimes I just have quiet time. I enjoy Frozen but Mom doesn't so I don't play or watch it much since I prefer her company during the day. I've been loving having her home every day since she's been on maternity leave.

It took me a while to bond with my baby brother but now I am extremely possessive of him and he is "my baby" which causes Big Bro Bro and Sissy grief because I don't like to share him.

I've been playing more alone but I prefer company. When I have friends play with me I call them my "Becca Friends".

I have given myself several nicknames - Becca Fish, Beck Fish, Coral Fish, Seashell Fish. Or just Fish. Mom thinks this is because I loved Hawaii so much and she would say I was a little fish. Or not - one never knows with my fickleness!

I adore my siblings, can make messes faster than anyone can clean up, and am unbelievable polite. Even if I refuse to do something like go to bed I'll reply, "No thank you, I prefer not to go to bed."

I enjoy movie trailers - especially the one I call "I am Groot." I laugh so hard at Baby Groot. Sesame Street and Barbie Movies are my screen time a few times a week. We still don't do too much screen time around here.

Here is the only happy photo of me from my appointment.

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