Monday, January 27, 2014

Sink Bath Time...

 Lately I've been having my baths in the sink. Actually, I don't mind it at all.

Owl Friend...

I am starting to play with toys and my owl toy is rapidly becoming a favorite. I will talk and smile at it.

Sister Reading to Me...

Often when I get a bit fussy, Big Sister can read to me or talk to me and I will calm right down. She's very proud of her ability to calm me.

Brother and Me...

I love my brother. He is always willing to give me a snuggle, especially first thing in the morning. His voice always brings a smile to my face.

2 Months...

It's been a fast two months of life. Last week I went with big sister to my 2 month well check. Here are my stats:

Weight : 11.25 oz (40%)
Height: 23.25 inches (60%)
Head: Mom forgot to keep the paper but she recalls it being the 45% (much larger than either Brother or Sister's heads at this stage - by a lot actually)

You can compare my stats to Big Sister's at the same age here.

I received my immunizations and did not particularly care for those but I did sleep most of the rest of the day and really well that night - Mom liked that.

I still tend to wake about 3-5 times a night. I am a great eater. I even am okay with the bottle (breast milk still) which again Brother and Sister were terrible with. Right now I am a very smily baby. Mom says I smile with my whole body. I especially LOVE my older siblings talking to me. I even enjoy my part time family (baby sitter has three kids whom I am growing quite fond of) hanging out with me two days per week. This has been going very good.

Mom is still my favorite person. My eyes follow her everywhere and I almost always have a smile for her. The rest of the family are a close second, especially the kids. I LOVE kid faces. I am quite the babbler, too. Sometimes I can really chat up a storm.

We're doing cloth diapers and have been since birth. I've never known otherwise and it's still going good. I still sleep swaddled. I have a soft pink blanket that I love and it helps me to sleep better if I have it. (See me wrapped in it in some of the photos below.)

My eyes still seem to be on the same trend as my brother's which would make them a greenish blue. Sister's eyes are brown so we're looking different there. Eye shape between us is different, too. Most folks say I look more like Brother than Sister at this point. 

So far I seem to be a happy easy going baby. I roll with whatever we happen to be doing. Except I have a huge dislike for my car seat so it makes riding in the car not so fun for most of us. Mom keeps saying I'll get used to it but so far she has to sing the "Baby Beluga" song in order to get me strapped in with just a small cry. 

More as I continue to grow.

There are a couple videos at the end of me "talking" and another of me falling asleep.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Christmas...

Photos from my first Christmas - my outfit (thanks to neighbor K), my stocking (Baby's First - thanks to Nan), my gifts from Santa, sleeping during gift opening (I was one happy baby), and snuggles with Mom from a Christmas party we attended a few days prior.