Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lunch Time...

There is little food I don't like. Non-homemade bread I will sometimes refuse (Ms. B has me spoiled with her homemade bread) but just about anything else I enjoy. My diet is pretty much all solids now. Applesauce in a pouch is like candy to me. 


Dress Up Bug

It has really caught me. 

I love anything thing I can use to dress up. Fairy wings and princess dresses are high on the list as are crowns. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Goofy Face...

First Birthday Party...

From my birthday celebration - all owl themed. What a great day! Just a grand celebration and I was happy pretty much the entire time.

With Mom and Dad before the party kicked off:

Some photos of the invitations, decorations, food, and favors:

Favorite gifts (which were totally optional and unnecessary):

Dessert and Birthday Song (I was not much into the frosting as you can see from my face but I did not cry when they sang like Brother did):

Some of my guests:

How I felt at the end of the day after some milk:

From Mom and Dad - We are so glad you are a part of our family. Your goofy sense of humor and laughs bring us all joy. You amaze us at how mellow and easy-going you are with all the rough and tumble kids who surround you. We've also never known a baby who was as adored and loved as you. We knew before you were born your siblings would absolutely love and adore you but now you have extensions of family friends who also adore you. It is easy to see why with your happy spirit. Thank you for being born and just being you. And with your big sized head we are wondering if you are going to be our child who invents interstellar drive?!?

Video of birthday song and cake eating - nothing fancy just a plain old family video.

Waking Up...

Just a few photos of what I look like upon waking in the morning of after nap time. I am one happy baby.


About 2-3 days before my birthday I started to really walk - like more than a couple steps. Since then I have not stopped. Hence, not too many photos because I am in constant motion I am difficult to photograph.

1 Year!!!

Really, I am already a year old?!?

Here is the info from my 1 year wellness visit:

Weight: 18 lbs, 6 oz (10%)
Height: 29 inches (55%)
Head: 46 cm (75%)

For fun, you can click here to compare with my sister's one year stats. I seem to growing about the same as my big sister except my head is the biggest of any of Mom and Dad's kids, by a lot, but staying consistent with my same growth curve.

I did receive 6 vaccines and thus far seem to be tolerating them well.  My urethral reflux is stable and I continue to be on daily low dose antibiotics which I think are delicious.

I am always surrounded my other kids and LOVE it. 

Some things I am now doing:

- Wave bye bye and blow kisses
- Give kisses
- Make a goofy face
- Walking (started a few days before my birthday) - Brother walked the earliest, followed by me, then Sister.
- Peek a boo
- Mom and Dad say I am a goofy baby - I would say I do like to giggle and play.
- Eat solids - Ms. B's baked items are my favorites, especially apple muffins. I like to share O's with Bro Bro on the weekends, too.
- Drink cow's milk - still drink breast milk twice per day, too.
- Words - Mama, Dada, Nana, bye bye, Bro Bro, dug (dog), hi-ya (hi), plus a few proper nouns but don't want to disclose real names
- Pretty good signer (all done, more, eat, milk)
- Doing some time on the toilet and go about 25% of the time there when I am home.
- Favorite people outside my immediate family and Nana - Ms. B and Ms. KN and their kids
- Favorite book - No No Yes Yes, Where's Baby's Birthday Cake (Ms. Caitlin gave this to Brother for his first birthday and it is still a favorite around here) and Elmo's visit to the Fire Station
- Spoons and spatulas are my most favorite toys and I seem to try to turn everything into a necklace or crown (am I a girl or what!?!)

(So Mom may have left the house in a rush the day of my wellness visit and she may have forgotten the diaper bag and I may have decided it would be the perfect car ride to dirty my diaper - thus, no cute cloth diaper photos from my wellness check - I put on a Pampers brand for the first time and we were all okay with it! Actually, we do cloth about 85% of the time because occasionally my antibiotics flare up diarrhea and then I rash up and when I do, I have to be in disposable diapers.)

Here are some photos from my appointment as well as a couple other favorite moments the past couple months.