Saturday, August 13, 2016

Want to go to the beach?

We just returned from our epic family vacation to Hawaii (Maui). I have never been on an airplane nor even left the state. It was quite an adventure. I thought the giant sandbox and giant wave pool were amazing. I would wake Mom every morning at 6 am saying, "Want to go to the beach?" Then I would head into the bathroom and put on my Minnie Mouse swim suit.

I would often get concerned watching dad and the other snorkelers go far out into the ocean. I would stand at the water's edge and call to them. Then I discovered how much fun my version of body surfing was and I was constantly in the water.

The water was warmer than our neighborhood pool. I was a bit shocked that it tasted of salt. I even enjoyed sand in my peanut butter sandwich. We picnicked at the beach every day. I saw little fish swimming along side us while we swam. 

I deveopped a definite liking for Shave Ice. Shopping is a new favorite hobby - I would match outfits together every change I had. The last day I developed a GI virus and crashed during lunch and then hand diarrhea the next 24 hours which made traveling back from Maui quite an ordeal for all of us but we all survived and would do it all again in a heartbeat - great time! I probably had the most zest and excitement over the trip than anyone. I was also a great little plane traveler - only one major melt down that lasted less than 2 minutes before I crashed for a nap (I just wish that scary flight attendant would not have tried to calm me down!)

Here are photos of my adventures....  

2 1/2 Year Wellness Visit

We're a little behind on the appointment and also just in general. Life is busy in our house with me, the busy toddler, plus a couple other kids and another one the way. But, we finally made it to my 2 1/2 year wellness visit. I'm right on track and doing great - meeting all my benchmarks for my age. Here are my stats followed by some photos from my visit.

Weight: 28.2 lbs (25%)
Height 35.25 inches (25%)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tap Shoes...

I'm obsessed with tap dancing and tap shoes. I almost made it onto the stage during Sister's recital sporting my own tap shoes. 

Scary Shirt

My most favorite shirt is referred to by me as my "Scary Shirt" pronounced "Scaw-ry shirt".

No one knows why I call it scary but I do. There are a few things I consider scary: parking garages and elevators. Mom and Dad finally were able to get me still long enough to take some photos in my favorite shirt and interview me regarding it. This is actually my very first interview, too.

Owl Dress

Mom made this dress for me for Christmas and I finally had an occasion to wear it - cousin's graduation.


I'm in constant  motion and sometimes it's hard to get a photo of me. Mom had to get this one of me while I wasn't looking.

Fashion Statements...

I like to add accessories to my attire. Here are some photos of a recent outfit I put together.