Friday, March 28, 2014

Before Bath...

Mom wanted some naked baby photos of me. Best time to do so is just prior to bath time.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

4 Months...

From my 4 month well check. I just keep growing and growing...

Click here if you would like to review my 2 month stats. For fun, click here if you'd like to compare to sister's 4 month stats. I am hitting nearly all my milestones but still have not yet rolled over. My nurse practitioner primary care provider and nurse practitioner mom are not yet concerned.

Weight: 13 lbs, 6 oz (40%)
Height: 25 inches (75%)
Head: 40.5 cm (50%)

I am still progressing along my same growth curves. I seem to be a bigger girl than Big Sister.

Smiling, cooing, and laughing continue to be favorite past times. I have started grabbing things and have definitely discovered toys, my fingers, and Mom's hair. I like rattles and most things that sing, dance, or play music (especially singing people). I LOVE big kids and watching them. Even when they are noisy it does not seem to phase me. I love my sitter Ms. B and Ms. K is another favorite lady of mine. I will happily snuggle in and take naps in their arms.

Mom has found me to be a big distraction to most everyone. When kids are getting into our van and I am in my seat, they stop and talk to me which sometimes makes us late to where ever we are trying to go. I often distract mom by laughing cooing when she is trying to get her work at home done, too.

Here some photos of me at or around age 4 months. Mom says I am entering some of my peak cuteness as a baby. (She's definitely biased.) I told you I was smiley.