Sunday, May 11, 2014

6 Months...

Happy Half Birthday to Me! 

From my 6 month well check.

Weight: 15lbs, 5 oz (40%)
Height: 27 inches (90%)
Head: 42 cm (50%)

Click here if you'd like to compare to my 4 month stats. Click here if you'd like to compare with Big Sister's 6 month stats.

 I've become a bit of a high maintenance baby so it's tough for Mom to keep up with my postings.

I continue to be "Baby Hawk" with my crazy hair, especially first thing in the morning.

I just recently started to roll over unassisted. Both ways, but still not all that often. Not yet sitting up unassisted, though. Mom thinks it's because I am always held. It's not that I demand to be held but rather I am the last baby in the family so everyone is soaking me up as much as possible.

I am still drinking breast milk and in the last week have started a bit of solids - brown rice cereal, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I do enjoy an occasional Mum Mum cracker, too.

I LOVE my siblings and my part-time siblings at the sitters house. I adore my sitter Ms. B and Ms. KN who also watches me while mom teaches art.

Nan makes me smile.

Dad taught me to say "Dada" which I sing throughout the day.

I squeal - a lot! Always with delightful glee and especially when I am surrounded by noise. Mom and Dad call it Klingon Opera.

Smiling is a favorite past time - I smile A LOT.

Sleep at night is not a favorite past time. I am totally a night owl.

Shower and bath time are favorite times of the day.

I just sprouted two new teeth (front bottom). This happened about 2 weeks before turning 6 months.

The swing is my desired sleep place for naps. We are working on other places and I am getting there slowly.

Pink blankie is still my favorite. Fortunately, we now have two back up's.

We're still rocking the cloth diapers.