Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tap Shoes...

I'm obsessed with tap dancing and tap shoes. I almost made it onto the stage during Sister's recital sporting my own tap shoes. 

Scary Shirt

My most favorite shirt is referred to by me as my "Scary Shirt" pronounced "Scaw-ry shirt".

No one knows why I call it scary but I do. There are a few things I consider scary: parking garages and elevators. Mom and Dad finally were able to get me still long enough to take some photos in my favorite shirt and interview me regarding it. This is actually my very first interview, too.

Owl Dress

Mom made this dress for me for Christmas and I finally had an occasion to wear it - cousin's graduation.


I'm in constant  motion and sometimes it's hard to get a photo of me. Mom had to get this one of me while I wasn't looking.

Fashion Statements...

I like to add accessories to my attire. Here are some photos of a recent outfit I put together.


In April I had another kidney ultrasound and VCUG. It was awful and quite a traumatic experience but we all survived and I never have to do that again. No more kidney reflux and no more antibiotics. We are all so happy, but me especially. After my imaging I saw the urologist but after my long day I crashed while waiting to see her.