Wednesday, December 28, 2016

From My Birthday Party...

We celebrated my birthday a few days before Halloween. Because of this, everyone was invited to wear a costume. The theme was a Monster Mash. Mom started preparations about 3 months in advance since she knew we'd have a new baby. Baby W was 3 weeks ago. She made the invitations and pinata (I found the correct string that opened the pinata first try!). S helped Mom make the monsters everyone got to adopt at the party. 

Fred Meyer did the cakes and I chose the colors for them. Auntie J brought the crowns for them. Ms. B did the games (bowling and pin the eye on the monster). Ms. B also did homemade pizzas with monster faces. (SO delicious!) Mom also made monster bags for everyone to put their treats in.

I loved my party but totally freaked out when Mom lit the candle to my cake and everyone sang to me. I wore Big Sis's pink princess costume Mom made for her years ago. Now I think every time we go to a birthday party I need to wear it!

We also painted tiny pumpkins. I was so glad to be surrounded by my closest friends and family on my special day.

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