Wednesday, December 30, 2015

From Christmas....

I was not all that terribly keen on sitting with Santa but I do like talking to him and talking about him. I asked for a "lalady" or ukulele and I received something close - a guitar. At. Ms. B's house where I stay while Mom is at work twice a week, her two boys have ukuleles and I wanted to be like them. Santa saw fit to bring the guitar thinking all the kids may want guitar lessons. I do love it. Mom made me some cupcake PJs and a Cookie Monster hat. I was a happy girl Christmas morning.

We did have a white Christmas and I suited up and went outside to play. I even helped Dad put Frosty back up. Ms. Marfa came in Christmas night and I had lots of fun while she was here, especially making play dough cookies. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Birthday Party...

Sesame Street theme...

Surrounded by all favorite people.

Blue Ernie punch, Ms. K Elmo and Cookie cupcakes, Ms. B decorations including the pumpkins, guests signed the "Just One You" book, activities (Ernie's Ducky game, puppet making, toss the cookie, and Sesame Street memory), homemade decorations, and wall decals. 

 A great day for the birthday girl!