Monday, November 16, 2015

Recent Candid Photos

I tend to sleep with a menagerie of things or "babies," I love animals, I've very busy, not sure about carousels, and steal Mom's photo to take selfies.

Halloween 2015

Meet Cookie Monster...

Since my birthday theme was Sesame Street and Mom made my dress for my party, we went ahead (as we did last year) and I had the same costume for both Halloween and my birthday being as the two dates are so close.

I really hammed it up for the individual photos. It was like I knew I was in the spot light. Mom joined in the fun, too. We even stopped by my favorite teacher's house to surprise her on Halloween.

Last Day of Being 1, First Day of Being 2

We had a party the day before I turned 2. Both Mom and Dad had to work on my actual birthday but Nan watched me on that special day. It allowed Mom to sneak home and get some lunch time snuggles on my special day. Then we wrapped the day with a blue bubble bath (per my request) and ice cream. 

Last day of being One...

On my birthday....

2 Year Well Check...

Mom is really behind on posting stuff on me. She takes a lot of photos on her phone, something she never had when BroBro and Sissy were my age so I think it often makes her less likely to post on the blog. Still, she is busy and trying. 

Here are my stats (I'm bigger than Sissy overall, especially in the head):
Weight: 25lbs 4 oz (50%)
Height: 34 inches (50%)
Head: 18.75 (75%)

What am I doing? EVERYTHING!!! I want to be like my siblings. I'm ready for kindergarten. I know my colors, some letters, and can count to 5 but can name my numbers past 10. Sometimes I insist a "K" is an "X" so I'm still working on those but still, I think that's pretty good. I can recite entire stories. I LOVE dancing. I sing the ABC Song and do some mean dance moves to it. I jump A LOT. I have good manners and greet everyone with "Helll lO" and always say "Tank you" or "Bess You". I still love "Good Night Moon" but I enjoy Sesame Street books, too. I recently discovered "shows" and always ask for "Elmo, Grow-ver, or Cook-ie!" I love pizza but eat a good variety of foods. I'm pretty good about sleeping and staying in my bed but that took some time. I'm pretty much 100% on potty training, too. I'm a typical toddler but Mom and Dad say they have really enjoyed me a lot. Mom especially says I have been her best toddler experience.

Here are photos from that well check. (No vaccines were needed as I was already up to date on all of them.) Mom and I actually had a wellness visit just the two of us - no other kids. It was like a Mommy Daughter Date!