Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anna Dress...

15 months....

Mom's a little behind in writing this but that's okay - I am in toddler mode which makes me the most high maintenance kid of hers at the moment. She says she feels like she's on suicide watch - making sure I don't climb somewhere I should and harm myself.

Weight: 19lbs 13 oz (9%)
Height: 30.25 inches (50%)
Head: 46 cm (50%)

Click here if you'd like to compare to Big Sister at the same age - I am nearly the exact same size except for a much bigger head. Remember, I am Mom and Dad's giant headed baby (all their others were 10th and 25th percentile. Mine is just average but for Mom and Dad it's huge. 

1 vaccine total given. I am up-to-date on all of them.

What am I doing?

I am into EVERYTHING and quite the climber. I hear Mom and Dad say Big Sis was so easy compared to me. I put my head down and run. They are always chasing after me to keep up. I eat just about anything, except broccoli - no matter how much anyone tries (even sneaking it into Ms. B's rolls). I love books and Dad fixed me my own reading corner. Ms. B takes me to the library every Monday and I really enjoy story time and cruising around there.

I am meeting all my milestones and Ms.KN (aka Iron Woman) who is in speech pathology school says my speech is way advanced. She may be biased since she says I'm her favorite baby but I say a lot either via verbal or sign. Signs include: more, please, all done, eat, milk, drink. Verbal: Mama, Dada, Nana (sometimes for Nan and sometimes for banana), num num (food), Bro Bro (Brother), Da da da da (singing voice) to music.

If there is something I want to climb onto and I cannot do so, I have no problem locating a chair or stool (even if it is in another room) and drag it to where I want to go.

Playing outside and going to the zoo are favorite activities.

I have lots of favorite people - obviously Mama and Dada, but I get very excited to see Ms. B 2-3 times a week (sometimes for mommy's work and sometimes for Bible Story time or play dates), Ms. B's kids, Ms. KN and her kids, Nana, and my siblings. Bro Bro can make me laugh like no one else. Big Sis always exclaims "She's SO cute!". In general, I'm a friendly baby.

I love my milk - cow's milk twice during the day and mom's milk twice during the night (before bed and first thing in the morning). 

Life is grand and I do seem to be growing and on track.

Oh, and all three of us kids had wellness checks this particular day - we were exhausted. Bro Bro had strep test (rapid was negative but 2 days later the culture was positive), Sister had sinus infection, the girls both had shots - lots of tears during that 2 hours appointment. We survived. That weekend Mom and Dad were juggling 3 kids on 3 different antibiotics for 3 different reasons. Another reason Mom is probably a little behind on this.