Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Recent Photos and Happenings...

It's been a busy December. Goodness, it's nearly over. Time is going fast - too fast for my mama. Apparently, I also do not listen to her as I continue to grow faster and faster despite her telling me to slow down.

I just turned 8 weeks. Next week I have my 2 month well check.

I am turning into quite the talkative and smiley baby. 

The photos are in order of time - oldest to most recent. 

The first is of me in my pink cat PJs - I have three pairs of these - a very popular outfit I've been given. I was getting ready to go to Mom's Christmas work party. It was a grown-ups only party but I was allowed as I was still too young to be away from Mom. I did great. Even in the frigid temperatures and riding in a covered wagon.

The polka dot dress was my Christmas dress - a gift from Neighbor Lily. I liked the dress but I'm unhappy in the photo just from tiredness. The stocking says, "Baby's First Christmas" and behind it are my gifts from Santa. The following photo is me sleeping on Christmas morning. As you can see I was most content.

Next photo is of me smiling at my Auntie J while on a girls' day out while Mom's friend was visiting - this was taken in JCPennys. Next photo you can see I like my play gym and have recently discovered I can kick it to make it play the Magic Star music.

Last two photos were from yesterday - shows off how smiley I am. 

A few other items - I've grown out of my newborn diapers so Mom will be mailing those rentals back. I am still small for my 0-3 month clothes but my cloth diapers do fill out my body suits making them fit snugly. As far as sleep, I am doing better. Until about a week ago I was waking every 2 hours to eat. Now I will go about 3-4 hours between feedings and am pretty good about going back to sleep. Overall, I'm a pretty happy baby.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Visit 2013

I waited with Mom for 2 hours in line, but the photo was awesome. I very much enjoyed my first encounter with Santa. I snuggled right up with him.

Oh and Mom said I was a great baby sleeping or eating most of our long wait so I suppose there may be something in my stocking this year!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Recent Photos and Happenings...

As of late I am just growing, growing, growing...

Mom says she can see me growing in my sleep. Sleep, by the way, is something I prefer to do during the day and especially in the arms of someone kind, loving, warm, and moving. Night time I seem to think I need to eat every 2 hours - Mom and Dad don't seem to share my same excitement for night time milk that I do.

Oh, and I am not quiet about my needs. When I need something such as a fresh diaper (I will not sit in a wet diaper for any amount of time) I go from sweet quiet baby to full on screaming baby. I seem to have no patience.

I am also a very loud eater. My eating wakes everyone around.

Brother told everyone at school I was the most beautiful person in the house. 

Big Sister is a significant care giver in my life. She taught me to smile (see below photos).

I seem to look like both Brother and Sister (Mom and Dad say I pull the family photo together).

I get cold easily. Especially since it has been -8 to 17 degrees F around here.

Right around 4-5 weeks I started smiling. Mom says it is a defense mechanism for her sleepless nights. Two nights ago she only slept from 6-7:30 am, but I woke up all smiles!

Did I mention I LOVE to be held? Sometimes being in the Moby wrap is the only way Mom can do anything around the house. Actually, the Moby photo is one of her very favorites of the two of us.

Since Mom forgot to post my stats from my two week well check here they are: 7 lbs, 5.5 oz (20%), 20.75 inches (75%), head 35 cm (50%). I am starting to out grow my newborn clothes but starting to fill out my cloth diapers which mean less leaks and blow outs. (I excel at loud blow outs.)

Enjoy some photos from my last couple of weeks.