Thursday, June 4, 2015

18 Month Well Check...

A month late. I'm at peak toddler stage and very busy hence the delay. 

I was declared healthy and growing and will certainly be taller than Mom. I cannot really compare my stats to Big Sis because we're a month behind but as far as percentiles overall I am bigger with significant differences between head and height. I still have grade 2 reflux in the left kidney but the hydronephrosis has resolved. I do still take daily antibiotics.

Here are my stats:

Weight: 22 lbs 5 oz (45%)
Height: 33.5 inches (90%)
Head: 47 cm (74%)

What I am doing:

- Lots and lots of reading (Good Night Moon is my most favorite)
- Into EVERYTHING!!! Peak toddler, as I said. I do not understand what "no" means
- Push toys are the best, especially the Cozy Coupe
- Mom just weaned me but I still very much enjoy cow's milk (the only one in the family who does)
- Shoes - any that are available I will wear
- Saying lots of words, especially names (Mama, Dada, Bro Bro, Sarah, Nana, Becca, Ben, Abby, Jew Jew for Andrew, Kara, Mzzz Bzzz - in whispered voice for Ms. B, done - dooooonnnnne, No, Mooooore, milk)
- Signing a lot: more, please, thank you, shoes, milk 

- Good eater - more adventuresome than Bro Bro but not quite as much as Big Sis; black beans and scrambled eggs are my favorite
- Potty training is well underway but we are struggling because of my kidney issues
- I smile a lot